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Sep 2018
Defined as the very darkest colour
like night or coal.
A colour used to define us,
to undermine and determine us.
Killed for wearing a hoodie.
Killed for breathing and being.
Our ''black'' blood is poured into white painted mugs
and when it can no more,
it spills over.
Our ''black'' blood is littered on the streets of THE BRONX.
All these injustice are slapped onto newspapers,
a few blogs and protests
but the justice system is never put to tests.
My black is beautiful.
My complextion has already granded me a million dollar tan,
my thirsty dry *** hair defies humidity.
My black beauty is earned NOT GRANTED
does not lose confidence when challenged.
My black is beautiful
therefore powerful
My black is swagg therefore never wag.
Written by
Rh  17/F/Windhoek.NA
         misterN, Rh, Lost, Colm, Kim and 3 others
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