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Sep 2018
Reynaly Shen is
Strong. Sophisticated. Independent. Eccentric.
But always trying to be the person you can count on to love you
Like how she loves the way we create to comprehend the unfathomable and hold together the unbounded
She keeps a lot of words to herself like a shell hiding its pearl but understands someone has to take them anyway
Because she has doubted herself and compared herself to everyone you have loved before
But she is never one to state standards, and values you for who you are
They have told her she is at both ends of the spectrum, trying so hard to be in between
And she has told herself it’s okay, she’s okay
The jinny-joes and coins will one day be enough to travel the entire scale
She will be calling numbers with words and reading between the sounds of hellos
And she’ll be Shen. How she has always been. Shen.
self-poem for Speech class <3
Written by
Idiosyncrasy  Over the Rainbow
(Over the Rainbow)   
   Edmund black
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