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Sep 2018
Join us, please
The people who love to tease
Pretend like we’re diseased
With a taste of dislike and fear that could freeze

Welcome to the place
Full of funny sayings like “I like your shoelaces!”
Where people look at us and see a disgrace
But then again, that’s all we’ve ever seen in our own faces

Over here, people like us, somehow
We’re kinda just a little weird, never been the ones to pluck our eyebrows
But some people like to see beauty in us now
From personality rather than curtseys and bows

But the things that make us most unique and funny
Are the things that make our noses go runny
We don’t cry at cute things like bunnies
But rather the things people like to think are funny

We have problems, just a little messed up in the head
Maybe play too much, live too long in bed
Too introverted, we like to wish we were dead
Because depression loves to catch the weird ones, the ones with wrists of red

So welcome to the club where we're all broken and sore
Our bones are frail but our laughter just gets more and more
Or less, if you really like to put our sadness to the test but sure
Here we like to knock down doors

Instead of facing charges
So welcome to the club, where we'll be strong regardless
Written by
kiera  14/F/bedroom
     Alex, Stella, Em MacKenzie, Wyatt and Yagami
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