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Sep 2018

On Awakening in the morn
After the nights respite
There is a gentle stillness
It's the peace before the fight.  

The thoughts are now in motion
The mind now in a spin
The recorder is replaying
Its mechanical habitual sin

It starts to build momentum
Like a terrorist with a gun
Engaging us in false beliefs
A battle that can't be won.

By 9am its in full swing
Like a monkey on a tree
From one branch to another
Destroying reality.

With attention and practice
We can play an active role
We can focus and observe
thoughts that benefit our soul.

A thought that's good and wiser
Creates the space to see
And it's a sweet reminder
Of a kinder way to be.

So when a thought doth enter
Depending which one it is
Remember you are the power
That rejects or allows it in.

A little voice will tell you
Don't engage or get  involved
If a thought is Self defeating
Let it's futility dissolve.

It's a matter of watching
Don't prosecute or defend
Be the impartial loving judge
Your real self is your friend

It takes time and practice
To mutate  old beliefs
For we cannot serve two masters
It's time to deport the thief.

We are the creators
With the gift of will to choose
Dispel the false intruder
your real self can not lose.  

This is a task of love
From self hate and  self doubt
A passage on our journey
We can navigate our way out.

This is our new passport
The authentic stamp our own
When the thief has been demoted
thrown off the stolen throne.
Old poem tidied up. One of the early one.
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