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Aug 2018
Here is a sinner
Sitting behind a laptop screen

Scrolling down the never-static newsfeed
Trivial scandals now a guilty pleasure
Reading through people's misery, becoming mean
Nasty comments, by restless fingers being keyed

Here is a sinner
Cleansing his wrongdoings with that of another
Becoming a saint by calling out a stranger's error
Finding normalcy in someone else's stripped privacy
Retrieving some sense of belonging in controversy
Becoming nonchalant in the face of his own complacency

Here is a sinner
Judging others on their freedom of expression
Using that same liberty to trigger that prejudice
In this cruel whirlpool of righteousness, everyone is a loser
The issue is not the words we use for this damnation
But the conviction that our words give us a sense of justice

An instilled presumption that we are better
Simply because our crime did not make the paper
A malpractice of opinion only being heard behind a screen
Through the monotonous voice of a mindless machine

Here is a sinner
Writing prose of what gives rise to my anger
Using a keyboard to show my contempt
To those who do the contempt!
Revolutions have taken over the virtual platform
Whilst evolution enters an identity crisis of its reform
Written by
AditiBoo  F
   Rick the shoe shine boy
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