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Aug 2018
I sit and I think
Gazing out at the muted blueberry sky
Remembering all that lead me here
    All the hands that grabbed me
    All the tears into pillow cases
    All the unanswered prayers
Silently I laugh at the absurdity of it
I can’t help but find it amusing
How something like this could happen to someone like me
What a joke
What a life

I look up
Searching for god to pop up from behind the clouds and shout “April Fools!”
But I only find miles of smog
stretching over haunted childhood streets
With a smirk and a snicker
My eyes fall to the ground
I never thought this would be my life
At least it’s not boring
At least it’s something to write about
Lookin for an escape
Written by
Undone  F
     Lost Soul, Fawn, lexi, Suzy, Nyx and 2 others
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