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Aug 2018
You were an innocent one,
Kind and pure.

So what happened?

You used to smile,
A gentle tilt of your lips.

So what happened?

You look so broken,
Scared, shattered even.

The twinkle in your eyes has faded.

What happened?

Your once tall frame is hunched,
No confidence in your stance

What happened?

So pale and withered,
The blood seeping from your face.

What happened?

Did her goodbye leave you empty?

Did her false love leave you haunted?

What happened to you?

Where did you carefree laugh go?
The wide grin you held,
The confident swagger you graced us with.

Your eyes look tortured,
Sunken with horrors.

A tainted soul,
Torn to shreds.

What happened to you?
And why do you weep?
Zainab Ibrahim
Written by
Zainab Ibrahim  21
     ---, --- and Alysia Marie
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