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Aug 2018
I agree theirs two worlds
The world you let others see
And the one you write
The shame you feel , you hide it away
The hurt and pain closed and locked up with a key
The things you feel but do not say
You eyes reveal . .
What you really feel
Glossy from so much pain
Stronger you are yet you hide behind this facade
No one can feel your pain
But through you words you let people in . .
Inside of your brain as mixxy and crazy as it is
I write and speak my mind without saying it out loud
I conceal my face feeling a disgrace
*** is she another one of those girls who got fcked over and fell on her face
Was in the top of the world and lost her grace ?
So much gossip but I can't relate
Don't want to hear anyone say my name
Close my eyes and make others looking in go away
Far away from the truth of my words
Go away from the sorrows I will say
Go away far far away . .
What will they think . .
Written by
Ria  24/F/NYC
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