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Aug 2018
I sing the seagulls tune
I fly beyond the horizon
And the gloating moon
I dive into the depth
Of the salty swoon

Sweeter than wines bitter regret
Higher and higher far from the net
A Fisher man's blade has no respect
I take my fair share this I know
But stripping the ocean a big no no

The coral is damaged the drag is a creep... abalone can't run they'd much rather weep
The poor whales a whoop
With sharkfin tales in China soup

So make up your mind
Or am I wrong
Then help me to sing
The seagulls song
The Ocean is being ***** by illegal fishing
And trawling
Written by
Khoi-San  M/South Africa
(M/South Africa)   
       savarez, PoetryJournal, Boi and Dlusionl13
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