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Aug 2018
Have you ever wonder what is at the end  of a rainbow. Or do rainbows ever end?
Believing or not believing that would all depend.
The Irish, such as myself have always believed at the end of every rainbow, a  little man called a leprechaun awaits protecting his *** of gold.:
If the rest of the world can see  UFO's and green little men called aliens,  then why is it so hard to believe in a leprechaun and stories our ancestors told .
The magic of the rainbow is it is ย caused by the sunlight,  yet always appears on the opposite side of the sun.
The colors, an array of beauty as it's pattern always has seven.
They say in Ireland if you sit and listen you can sometimes hear the sound of the leprechauns gold coins hitting hos iron pail.
Beware of trying to find him or ask from him his gold because he will never tell .
But there is one thing he will do to make you see his trickery and play you like a fool
He will grant you three wishes but before you know it he will run off  to never be seen again because leprechauns live by only the leprechauns Rule,
Some call it a myth some believe it to be true
Me , aw yes I believe in leprechauns and his *** of gold too
Written by
Kim Essary
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