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Aug 2018
i want to live with you.
in a house in the suburbs or in an apartment in the city. i want to wake up and see you next to me, knowing that i am no longer alone throughout the dreary and isolated nights. i want to feel you next to me, to feel your chest rise and fall delicately, to harmonize our breaths in unison. i want to feel your warmth radiate onto me. i want to see you in your most peaceful state, covered in sun that comes through the window. i want to go out and buy groceries, then come home to cook for us. i want to share my shower with you, and i want to carry all of your children. i want to share early mornings and late nights with you. i wish to create a home with you, to let our love flourish within the walls we call ours. i want you by my side when i experience the little things that happen so subtly, yet are remembered for a lifetime.

i want be alive with you.
i want to live like there’s no tomorrow with you. i want to feel the rush of adrenaline or to be stuck in awe in moments that captivate us. and in moments of trouble, i want to know that you will be there so i won’t have to face anything alone. i want to see the world and be caught in it’s action with you. i want to go to France or to Italy to be immersed in the culture with you. i want to see you in your complete ecstasy, to see you feeling just as alive as i do when i am around you. i want to be caught up in your euphoria and jubilation. i want you to take my hand so i can take your name. and as the years start wind down and today begins to feel just like yesterday, i want you to be there, having been through it all. i want to grow old and recollect on our effervescent youth, and wish to do it all over again.

“the rise, and the fall. living life with someone, and being alive with someone. it’s a broad topic and feeling that can only be defined by two words: true romance.
now tell me, have you ever had that?”
kinda lengthy and not in poetry format but worth the read hopefully!
Written by
grace snoddy  16/F/chicago, il
(16/F/chicago, il)   
   aaron and Jul's
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