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Aug 2018
She rolls along the high wires
Tightrope walkin' moon
She graces life's big circus
She is gone too soon

Huge! A glowing fairie
So luminous! So bright!
She's suspended on the ropes
The performer of the night!

I watch her intently
As she's held aloft
Then she slips toward the hills...
... she is fallin' off!

But she bows down and curtseys!
A smile on her face
She's lost not her dancer's poise,
She maintains her grace.

Finally she exits
The horizon sets the stage
She is only a faint glow
The night has turned the page.

I'll remember her with fondness
As she danced to Claire de Lune...
In her sequined tutu

Tightrope walkin' moon.

I'm up in the wee hours... I saw the full moon suspended on a telephone wire, and couldn't help but think that she was rolling along a tightrope! She is an absolutely beautiful apparition! Thanks for reading my whimsical poem. I'm glad to be back writing here again. I will be readings again soon...
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