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Aug 2018
amidst the subtle headaches
and pulsating temples
like mountains raining
jagged side down and
wooden nutcrackers
bayoneting the insides
of our brains
our lives keep riding
these burning carousels
of monotony

there’s no war in our ****
or fire in our incinerator

and these chessboard days
of recrimination keep
repetitively circulating
into the form of a
spherical motion

get up, go to work,
get yelled at by the boss,
fight traffic, come home,
cook, clean, eat dinner,
go to sleep and do it all
over again until
there’s no beginning
to tomorrows end. living our
vanilla lives with vanilla wives
until the something happens.

the needle of change pulls
through the thread of life
and we begin all over again
on a new chessboard
on a new carousel
and repeat steps
until our lifelines
look more like
a string of beads
than a mountain landscape
or a flash of lightning
because it’s easier to give up
and settle down than to have life
constantly changing in chaos
but only if we had enough
courage to shake the world
like an Ian Curtis epilepsy dance
and rip the necklace of listlessness
off the neck of inferno
and watch the pearls
of our routine fall,
and roll down
some ***** alleyway
where a rat never lived.
Rick the shoe shine boy
Written by
Rick the shoe shine boy  35/M/Couch to couch USA
(35/M/Couch to couch USA)   
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