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Aug 2018
America needs an inspired President
Remember you are only in the White House as a Temporary Resident
You must use diplomacy when talking to World Leaders
As a President, there can’t be any cheaters
Your tweets must be sweet
It shouldn’t be agony and defeat
Also as a President, your tweets should be morally nice
If you want, I could give you advice
Your administration should not act as if they are your personal tag team
Your temper shouldn’t be so mean
But to make your point sometimes you must be lean
You should never down immigrants nor separate families at your will
It is now a bad situation because of your signing that immigration bill
You must be accountable for your own actions
You can’t blame another past President for actions that were your start
Where you begin establishes into finish
But you blame the media for not making you distinguished
However, tip for tap, you call the Media Fake News because they are telling the truth and you know there is truth, but you fail to believe
But that doesn’t give the American people relief
As the President, you are the Commander in Chief and Ambassador to the Outer world within the United States
Your decisions must connections that relate
But your negative tongue puts America in danger and it is called Fate
The reason you don’t understand politics because you were never in politics nor were you a Senator in Senate
You rely on your own accord
But you must trust in being guided by our Lord
Now your so called “America Great”
It doesn’t have an American People Appreciation
It comes up with hesitate and no real indication
President Trump, you are not God
You are not the King on this Heavenly Earth
You were only Earthly born
Your decree is not a let be
There is a time limit and not a wait and see
Investigation must continue to make sure Justice is done
But don’t think you are number one
As the President, you must change your ways
It’s not what I want, but what the America people say.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
   TuFF GHosT and wordvango
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