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Aug 2018
I'm sorry, that I can't relate to picture perfect or the happily ever afters in fairy tales. I'm sorry that I always get stains on my brand new white shirts, and when I color I can never quite seem to stay within the lines. I'm sorry whenever I hear the word magic, it reminds me of my first heartbreak. Because magic is just a series of illusions, and anything I've ever loved has turned out to be one big magic show. So forgive me when your innocent lips spill the words, "I love you", and all I see is a rabbit being pulled out of a hat to stimulate my heart beats to quicken as if to simulate the applause of a crowd. And when I say I will break you I do not mean you are an un-boiled egg in the jaws of a lion, no. I mean you are the Titanic and you are full of beauty, potential, and confidence. And as you glide along my icy hearts surface you will eventually hit an iceberg that will tear you apart. Leaving you with nothing but splinters of who you once were. I'm the darkness that lingers in your light. I'm the shadow that's constantly there but only occasionally seen. I'm evil, but I don't want to be. I don't want to be what I am but I can't change. I love you. And it is because I love you that I want you to take a magnifying glass to the windows of my soul. I want you to see the tainted parts of who I am and come to hate it, hate me. To watch you put out the torch you carried for me and light a new one for someone else will sting more than 1,000 cuts from a red hot blade. But in this agony I will find peace because, true love is about protecting that person. And in this case my dear harmless dove. I must protect you, from myself.
Written by
jewel  19/F/Washington
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