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Aug 2018
Rewind two years to the time that we met. You always use to tell me that was a day you would never forget. Now I'm sitting here waiting for you to answer my texts. But I got back burner status when I became just an ex. We went from best friends to strangers in just one day.. I keep begging you to come back, but you keep drifting away. And it's not okay. I'm not okay. I remember taking pictures like it was just yesterday. And you said you would stay. So please tell me why you're not here babe. Sorry that's wrong of me to call you. It's just habit I guess. Who would of known loves like a bullet to the chest. But you're already talking about how you're on to the next? And how you love her, and you need her, and she don't make you stress. But you know you only want whats under her dress. Cause nothing can replace the kind of love we had. And I know deep in your soul this is driving you mad. So please come back. Just please, come back.
Just another empty love poem
Written by
jewel  19/F/Washington
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