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Aug 2018
I have been denied such honor to explore thy flesh. I long for the day that it shall be mine to cherish. Savoring every inch, savoring every scent.

I'll thank God adamantly for a gift such as this.

Once permitted, I shall lay thy sweet vessel upon thy pillow and ravish thy flesh until my hearts content.

Whispering sweet, wicked things in thine ear. No decent mortal being would ever want to hear.

Seizing thy body, as it is mine to clame.
Peeling away what stands between I and my domain.

Passion nearly lost, beholding what was underneath. So much desirability, you hid beneath.

Such seduction, such physique. Deny me this not for satiation you will reap.

Stand before me now. So I may admire thy beauty. Appreciation is yours for the taking.

Come to me my dearie. Allow me the honor to have thee.

Forcing your body to the wall. Muttering, I must have it all.
Without delay. I rest a kiss on thy divine lips. Soaking in your taste, ah such sweet bliss you possess.

Drawing you closer as I relish this moment. My temptation has won, finally bested.

As our passion heats, goosebumps do meet.
Your skin tingling, feeling your craved relief.

To late to cease. I must have this sweet, sweet release. Laying you down, preparing my feast...

My coming Honor.
Written by
     Cné and multi sumus
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