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Aug 2018
How fortunate it must be, to observe the world so happy, so satisfying, so sweet.

The slightest spark, igniting your delight. Such bliss dashing across your face, seeing the family you constructed.

Not every mortal is so privileged, not every being is so favored, to have what you possess.

Sorrowfully, there are those of us who know only despair, torment and void. The world is unadorned, vacant and barren.

We see more than we ever want.
Hear more than we should.


Alas. No, we do not experience such things in our hearts. For to much agony at a early age has set us apart.
Some call it a blessing, some call it a curse.

Me? It's my heaven sent. I do not receive such a suffering as love.
Sad you say? Na, I disagree.

Only a small group of individuals surround me. More than I deserve.
I call them my circle, forever they shall be mine.
They are the only few who have slipped through the *****, meaning the world to me.

Until. I. Met. Her.

My Queen.

This is. Life itself.
Written by
   Ilion gray
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