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Aug 2018
Once upon a time
There was a mouse
Who pretended to be a
Real Girl
And she dressed herself up
And hid her whiskers behind
Jewelry and rouge
And porcelain powder
And she scurried away
When the cats got too close

She decorated her hole
In the wall
With rose petals and baby pink
And she kissed boys
And pretended they did not
Notice the fur

But she began to wither
Her little rodent bones
Rattling beneath
A shrinking skin bag
Her fur fell out
And the diamonds were too big
For her pink ears

She spun marathons
On a glass wheel
Always running towards something
Never finding

She got so small
That those boy’s hands
No longer had anything
To hold onto
And suddenly
They did not want to
Talk to her
And her rose filled nest in the wall
Became a
Black hole of guilt

And it ****** her
Up up up

And no one noticed
When she did not crawl back out.
Written by
Darcy  18/F
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