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Aug 2018
Thy dimpled simper, ah such blissful beauty.
Every time it arrives, I fall, fall so hard again.
The imprints in thy cheeks, puts me under such incantation.

The upward curling of thine lip, holds me fast, unwavering.

The way your eyes peer, surpassing my comprehension of how such virture willingly gazes upon mine own soul.

I cannot swim.

Without remorse I jump, jump right in. Into the depths of thine heart, my personal himmel.

Frightening storms of endless love. Something I about, have only read. Its everything I've ever wanted to obtain and give.

Such heartache can I afford? To acquire such love but lose my soul? I asked myself then answered.

Of course I will pay the price! She deserves all and so much more. For this fair maiden has given unto me, reason to be.

If mine own soul is not satisfactory, I will merrily consume any and every soul her love demands.

For it, Her Love. Commands me.
Written by
       Myrrdin, freebird, multi sumus, Edmund black and Khoi-San
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