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Aug 2018
The breeze catches you once more
You know that this is a new moment
You feel it in the weather as its cold before the rain pours
It takes you away and you feel light sensing a drifting sentiment
You wonder if you were ever present in this future nostalgic state
You try to capture the memories of old but they miss you and you are late

You begin to realise that this is new and you have to take it all in
The trees speak a secret language and you figure this has been spoken before
If you can just concentrate and shut the noise and amplify the words you'll win
Just to hear what they say but this is a different tone and change is what you abhor
This sensation takes you on tour and assures that a new day is born

Now you gather yourself and calculate
How do the vagaries of nature calibrate?
You wonder what the birds must be singing about because they suddenly levitate
How could you miss it? The big lesson, maybe next time you will not hesitate
You will embrace each chance to dwell in the romance of each grain of sand in the hour glass

You soon accept this is the present that has been gifted and you owe it to yourself to bestow life with your utmost dedication
This age, this hour, this passing moment is yours and you release that with or without you life will go on
Your absence an abstract figure that reduces in significance as another has their ride on the swing of precious time
It will never be the same but memories will remain and the moments you will treasure as that is your conscious gain.
Written by
Nhlekeleza  29/M/Witbank
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