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Aug 2018
Love this
Love that
Lots of poems about broken hearts

They are beautiful,
But I can't relate

Never have I given my heart to someone who would give it back
Always cautious
Always waiting

But now I'm doubting
Where are you O love of mine?
Perhaps lost in the middle of the sea?
Riding a camel across an inescapable dessert?
Are you waiting for me too?
Cause I have been waiting for you.

What are you doing at the moment?
What do you regret?
Are you as lost as me?
Or are you waiting for me to catch up?
I think of you often.
Do you think of me?
Someone with no face or name, but who still exists.

I dream of you
The faces change but you are always warm,
Always there.
Loving the parts of me that need love,
And embracing the parts that are living life

I don't want to be another novel
The ones about two broken people that find each other
Because that's not love
Its close, but not the same

Like a puzzle I want to fit with you.
Perfect for each other,
Filling up the empty spaces.
When I'm scared you'll comfort me,
And when your down I'll lift you up

Until then I will wait
And I'll wait
And I'll wait
Because waiting will be worth it
Will be worth YOU

So instead of leasing my time out to someone who will waste it,
Instead of picking up the shattered pieces of my soul,
I will save my unscarred heart for the one who sees forever in me
Just some poetic thoughts and contemplations
Written by
Eyithen  21/F
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