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Aug 2018
Swirling spiral of anti-matter
Cascading down an endless ladder
In non-corporeal states
Spirits search for their soul mates
One taste and we miss our goal
And cling to a second-hand role
One state that we all share
Bittersweet and unaware
Feed on life, consumed to death
We devour the world with every breath
Forged by chance, nurtured in deceit
We glimpse the truth and quickly retreat
Our description becomes indescribable
Our delusions become undeniable

You were once mine for a moment in time
I embraced your accustomed wounds
Used and abused, starving for love
You shone like a Samhain Moon
Yet love is alive, not a lie
Not a manifestation of will
Not a statue of god or paradise façade
Nor some unholy devil’s deal
I was once young with mind undone
Chasing a somber moon
Yet time has devoured
Those dead flowers
Upon my empty tomb
Traveler Tim
Written by
Traveler  57/Temporally on earth.
(57/Temporally on earth.)   
         ---, ---, Ben Noah Suri, Krysel Anson, WendyStarry Eyes and 41 others
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