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Mar 2010
The spirit a part you …a part me

Two souls intertwined

Holding hands at birth, never to be forgotten

Turned into individual presence that care

The spirit a part you …a part me

Sharing, feeling, loving…it is a natural force for us to share

Although many miles apart…this greatest distance

The heart and soul do not part

The spirit a part you …a part me

Understanding this power, is to realise that we are never alone

Loved ones will come, loved ones will go

Remember…I am here

Without saying a word…I know you hear

The spirit a part you …a part me

When life on this earth will do us part

Just …just for that brief moment…I will think of you

And the smile within, brighten my heart

The spirit a part you …a part me

Knowing that we will always be together

It is God’s gift to us

So let us not be frightened

Heaven is only a higher and promised place

Where souls fly and become angels through the bluest sky

The spirit a part you …a part me

Do not let it go…have this faith

It is God’s will…you will see
This poem I want to dedicate to my twin brother Jan. The poem is about myself and my twin brother. How being a twin makes me internally feel and how much I think of him. A bond that is so special, it cannot be broken, even if we live in different countries.
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