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Aug 2018
Let us Rise and Rejoice for the Wise Controllers of the Streets
Please give praise for the Keepers of Asinine Righteousness
Who have the power to read our minds easy as giving sweets
Esteemed Professors who are  World Experts with Greatness
In Neuro-linguistic programming and know all the upbeats

For example anybody with working eyes can see with no cheats
The woman's complexions is not Black even without clearness
Alas I make a joke and  lightheartedly say its Black in mirths
Nobel NLP Programmers jump in glee and frenzied eagerness
That is Trigger to void progressive actions with that lady petite

So Professors et vacuous masses devoid of brains go on heats
Sprinkling Blacks all over in project as useless as their dumbness
Tell not dorks I do not see her as black in any way but a tease
Another deluded wasted efforts from the addicted mindlesses
The poor lass graced with honey-gold skin tone is not for meets

Crass semi-illiterates play mind games on levels of bog peats
Psychotic obsessed nonentities with deluded tendentiousness
As if there's a meeting of minds with piffling anodyne greats
Dumbos declaring we are playing with your mind in earness
Show me how a genius compares with Quixotic foolishness
Does a mind riddled, ravaged and stressed with insignificant nonsensical
mediocrity writes like the produced poems so far. Who is drawn into the Narcissism of arrogant ignorant, debauched, redundant ex-colonialism remnants, seeking Authoritative validation by its inglorious serfdom's,  trying to cling to some last Hooray! Bargain basement bullies drunk on insignificance in faux non-power tripping. Contemptible s galore...yesterdays. peoples, yesterdays shame.
Apologies to all my true and decent contemporaries of all races, who share exclusions with me from this charade of idiots, by idiots for you all.
Written by
Yenson  M/London
     --- and Rick the shoe shine boy
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