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Aug 2018
I looped my happy
arm into dads and we both
walked down the aisle

My dress colour of
elephant tusk hugged the floor
My blooms my hands now

a summer garden
Jennifer the Fairy sat
upon window ledge

She sparkled with the
afternoon sun , together
I felt there love shine

Lots of faces stared
at me , my eyes went left than
rightΒ Β , but I only

saw you my love , with
our sons dressed in light grey suits
bursting through the sky

like rays of warm sun
I think I felt a glimpse of blue
heaven embace me

You held my hand and
I yours , our children smiled , our
hearts become one beat

My ring ,rose gold,  glowed
and glittered like the bright
moon , yours a silver

light bursting through the
dark where hope is alive and
butterflies emerge

We spoke our vows , soft
loud clear and gentle , kind hands
clapped and echoed , a

sweet sound of shared love!
My heart flowered , white clouds smiled
into pictures of

beyond , the blue sky
shall forever blossom , let
winter come..I shall

still smile , thirty three
years of togetherness led
to celebrating

a day of beauty
One that shall forever stay
with me always , I

woke this morning , rain
had fell last night , the grey sky
loomed outside yet my

heart burst through just like
the sun , cars up early zoom by
A kettle waits for tea

And I looked at my
ring so shining and new and
held it near my heart

I saw a giraffe
walk by , tigers too , was then
I knew my marriage

to you my love would last
for eternity , I love
you true love
Written by
Donna  F
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