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Aug 2018
I miss the days when
I could speak without judgement
I miss the days
When I could run around,
I miss the days when
Everything wasn’t complicated
With the things going on in the world
And how much it changes,
It’s going to start to affect people
Terrorism and shootings have become common
And no one blinks an eye at it
Treaties are being made and destroyed,
With all this going on,
I just wish the old days were back,
They were filled with laughter and joy,
Not depression and self-loathing
Those days were filled with wonder
Not complicated and downright horrible
But I know,
Those days are behind us
And they may never happen again,
At least I have the memories of
Simplicity and happiness
This is me personally, not everyone else. I speak only for myself. Thanks for Reading, I hope you liked it.
Written by
   Teresa S
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