Aug 2018
The weather undecided
settles for rain,
then stops again.

Skies a wishy washy blue,
then offish white,
then back to blue.

Raindrops hit
the windowpane,
tear-like they run
down the glass
or pitter-patter
leaving spits and splashes
on the pane,
then dry up again.

The trees look bedraggled,
their leaves hang limply
with raindrops that cling;
flowers battered
and stooping or seeming
battle hard they hold
their heads up straight
like warriors of old
keeping the enemy
from the gate.

The weather undecided
settles for a settled calm,
skies smudged blue
with dark tinted clouds,
the birds take to wings
in the settled sky,
as I in my armchair sit
or on my bed lie.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  71/M/England
     TD and Surbhi Dadhich
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