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Oct 2018
On the hill, it was just the two of us,
I thought I was finally going to be okay.

When we sat there and watched the sunset;
when you held my hand as we walked down the trail;
when you would blush every time your friends asked about us;
when we talked about everything and absolutely nothing;
I thought I was finally going to have something real.

But the hill went up in flames.
and so did we.
During summer 2016, I was with someone who at the time treated me incredibly well and I genuinely thought we had something real going for us.
Then he proved to be the complete opposite to the type of person I thought he was. I guess this affected me a lot more than it should, was because being with him was the only time in my life when I felt wanted and it was the only time I could see my future with someone. Until he did what he did.
© LAICEY Poems August 2018
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