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Aug 2018
A Beautiful Voice came rescuing my soft sobs
It didn't tell me to stop
Instead, It said "go on"
When I've come crashing like pieces of stones
Ruined by steps and huge machines
I am the last piece of stone residue
Threw myself at the waters
Hoping it would take me away far from here
But with Its most Beautiful tone,
"This last part of you is still a part of you
And I'd collect all others
That's been lost
When and where you've crashed
In the deepest of the lands
Through every tunnel,
And under the dark bridges."
After a while
This Beautiful Voice came back to the waters
Bringing all the cracked stones which were once part of me
I didn't get them
Instead, showed It what's left of me
And said how It came again with the most proper timing
Through the lowest and highest of tides
For although the Voice offered to make me whole
I was assured whatever's left of me
Has been completed the moment It came back to where I was lost
How ironic
The stone was Hit with a Voice
That couldn't even make a single hint of Touch
Axl Rose
Written by
Axl Rose  Manila, Philippines
(Manila, Philippines)   
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