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Aug 2018

Oh, ancient desolate cold moon
you know my story and it never gets to you
late or way too soon,
You have seen so much doom
even in late June.

Where the twilight fades into a new day,
the evening sun shines its rays.
And silence comes on those cold winters day
were old memories are sweet away.

Where the mind makes a compromise
deep emotions of settlements,
to what was and to what is to come
I have written down my own pains
in a world that is always casting blame.

Where conclusions bring on the judgment
from scrutinizing eyes that love to tell lies.
the I'll treatment, that run so free
always making a reason for persecution.

So, now the world needs to listen
to the ancient Book that was written.
They need to read at night and day
but in this world, the Word has slipped away.

What decisions do politicians and religions?
Have to say for their bitter way?
they bring on the annoyance of the false tongues.
They're making life no fun.

Oh, drenched earth,
you know it is the humans that made this world
an evil place to live in.
where the faith in the true God, has been mute
to the hopeless ones.

They bow down to the idols
upon hands and knees and pray.
For better days to come.
They talk their talks but nothing good comes.

Oh, look at the slumbering ones they would say
as they stray away,
where they would raise their eyebrows
while they look down and frown.

Oh, mute the sound and look around
and you will see the whole story.
To know my story you must read what it is I bleed,
the birds are in the trees getting ready for a winters day
while I write my poetess famous lines,
For the reader's eyes.

Where the powerful winds sweep the lands,
where dreams come angry tides,
Oh, can you heart the cries
that come from the other side?

Where the blood moon shines it doom?
Oh, trembling heart, never forget your part,
Just know God will come to you soon.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1986
Copyright © Judy Emery| Year Posted 1986
Written by
PoeticWildFlower98  52/F
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