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Aug 2018
I know it!
It has to be me.
I must show you the hard truth.
Nobody else has the obligation to teach you.
It is my responsibility to do it.
I know you're going to hate me for this.
I even comprehend it.
My only hope is that you’ll soon understand.
Loving you obliges me.
I will be like nobody has been.
Not helping you continue the broad path you take.
Closing the door when you least expect it.
Locking myself out of your life,the price I am willing to pay.
It’s steep, but worth every day I pray.
You will hate me and I understand.
My only hope is that the day will come soon and you’ll understand.
I must scold you.
Loving you obliges me.
Jorge Rangel
Written by
Jorge Rangel  M/USA
   Solitary Sac
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