Aug 2018
anyone I've loved
I will always love
unless they give me
a reason to hate them
I just can't not love them
their voice reminds me
of all the lovely
compliments we passed back and forth
their smile reminds me
of all the times
we made each other laugh
their touch brings me back
to all the times we touched in the past
to the moments we held each other
alone together

and no matter where I am in life
when I see them
it makes my heart tingle
because it still knows their name
it knows their favorite candy
and the way they played with my hair
and it can't forget how happy
those moments were
even if they are in the past forever.
Written by
An artist in making  21/Other/Blueberry Hills
(21/Other/Blueberry Hills)   
   Santita and S-zaynab-kamoonpury
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