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Aug 2018
One moment
cancels out another
signifying a loss
something that's past
could never return
the next kiss or embrace
is not the same
each a form
an inscription
a touch-on
like none other
once having emerged
disappears into nowhere
irreversibility is the unchanging theme
of time--

each tide carries
the water forward
leaving the rest behind
a gust of wind
sweeps across
insubstantial, lost
in empty space
leaving no trace
nothing does
itself repeat
and recurrence
would never be wrought--

ah, my dearest and most-loved
it's the moment now
to which we are together bound
as a word
is said
as our eyes
a message
as our heart
is locked
in secure passage
we'll not be left in doubt-

as the moanful nocturne
reaches out
and its last notes fade
and sink* away
in the night's whereabout
we will know
for sure
the telling is over
the curtain has fallen
a new chapter
must follow--

if this brittle transiency
you understand
as you hold my hand
it would be bliss enough
as in silence we remain
unfazed, unmoved, unruffled
mindless of what's to come
in the sureness of our faith
that would withstand and defy
any awaiting future outcome--

courage would be ours then
to reign in and reap for keeps
whereupon our long-cherished dream
would have crystallised and bloomed
a bright light would be beckoning from afar
amidst the gloom of the shivering night
we, though weary,  would have arrived safely
after the long-tested travail and trial
Via Dolorosa would its farewell have bidden
all that our heart has longed and searched for
would at last have found its unmistakable haven.
* amended from 'sinks'
Written by
Dr Peter Lim  M/Victoria, Australia
(M/Victoria, Australia)   
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