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Aug 2018
Pray tell
Did your soul join the fish
When you died?
Did your lies swim within the same water
I've wondered about death
As everyone else does
If I plucked off your scales one by one
They'd tell me
The answers ingrained on the fleshy backs
Blood dripping from your tail
I know you thought that
In dying
Peeling off your mortal shell
Leaving the muscles behind
Snapping the tendons connecting your bones
That you could get away from me
That you could leave me with unanswered questions
To be sown for another person
Passed on
But even now I've hunted you down
I've snared your soul
While you took another form
So simple
Granted even pretty
But now I've flayed your scales
I've split your tail in half
Seeking the answers to my questions
Some sort of comfort
Some sort of warmth
From the blood
Your blood
Seeping through my skin
Pleasantly warm
I see your large eye
Glassed over
Its amusing
They used to be so blue
With sharp cheek bones beneath them
But now they've just been angled
The flesh silver instead of a healthy pink
Fingers replaced with fins
Memories replaced with bubbles
Pray tell
Do your memories swirl in the vortex of under currents?
Am I down there?
Written by
Elizz  17/F
       freebird, Mellow waves and Crown Shyness
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