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Nov 2012
I like to think that maybe there will actually be a zombie apocalypse
But instead of rotting corpses meandering the boulevards
There'll be a sudden revival of people
Who were never actually dead
Just in a state of apathetic unconsciousness
An emotional limbo of sorts

And instead of being ravenous and craving gray matter for sustenance
They'll simply want to dive through your eye sockets
And swim around inside of your skull
And knock boots with your innermost thoughts and dreams

Maybe it'll start a chain reaction of sentiment among the masses
Like an epidemic of emotions
That rouses even the most stoic from their comatose states

And I'm not guaranteeing world peace
But maybe a sense of global understanding

Unless this outbreak starts in Madagascar
Then we'd all just be ******, huh?
I wrote this a few months ago and just stumbled upon it among all of the ***** dishes in my closet. It's not my best, but I felt a need to post it.
Jasmine Marie
Written by
Jasmine Marie  Georgia
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