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Aug 2018
i watch the sun’s glorious rays wave me goodnight
and the moon wakes up to kiss my bruised cheeks and answer all my questions
and in the morning  
the sun has woken up early so he can greet me and tell me to have a good day
and what do we do?
we complain to the sun, telling him he’s too bright and too hot
and when the moon bathes you with her glory
we wish her away
wanting to feel the sun against your skin once again
why must we want what we can’t have?
why must we always choose the other side?
please remember that the sun is our star
and he shines just for us
and the moon revolves around us
giving us the sight of all of the night sky
I like to watch the sun and the moon. I like to listen to the clouds. We don’t take the time to notice these things. We’re all so busy complaining about what we do or don’t have we don’t look up to see what the sun has to offer.
Pure of Stars
Written by
Pure of Stars  16/F/i don’t know
(16/F/i don’t know)   
       Alec, sue, Lyn-Purcell, andromeda green, everly and 5 others
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