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Aug 2018
Your old man
opened the door
and stood there smiling.

She won't be long
Benny boy
she's just making
herself beautiful
or haven't you
got that long?
and he laughed
and went back indoors
and left the door open ajar.

I stood there
on the red tiled doorstep
and waited
looking back
into the Square
seeing the man
with the boxer dog
walk past on his way
to the shop.

The milkman
was over the way
delivering milk to the flats
on the ground floor.

The door opened again
and your old man said
just off to the work
someone has to keep
the railways going
and he stepped off
down the steps
and away across
the Square
and down the *****.

Your brother Hem
came out the door
he stared at me
and went past
and around the corner
he didn't like me
since I beat him up
for throwing a firework
at my sister.

Then you came
to the door
in that white dress
and your hair in a mess.

Won't be long
you said
just got to have a wash
and be with you.

I said
see you soon
and you went back indoors
and closed the door.

I sat on the doorstep
watching the world go past
hoping you wouldnt be long
and sorted through
my small collection
of football cards
which ones to keep
and which ones to swap
at school on Monday.

I hoped you wouldnt be long
as the Saturday matinee
started in half an hour
and I hated
being late.
A boy and girl in London in 1957
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  71/M/England
     Lora Lee, ---, Khoi-San and Mellow waves
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