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Aug 2018
a scary feeling i feel when you're sleeping
my heart tightened as a scene formed in my head:
you, with a bag, walking out that door.
you tell me you do not want me anymore.

i've loved, fought, then lost, left alone
i begged, and i begged, but they just went home.
rather crash at a wall, rather die in a war,
than stay and be sorry for a creep creeping their arms.

and if like them, you walk away,
i'd scream your name 'til i go insane
'til the tears stream down my eyes,
'til the tears occupy my face
i don't think they'd ever run dry,
from the day that you say good-bye.

so my one request, whisper in my ears,
remind me you're okay with a boy like this,
a boy this weak,
a boy like me.

give me peace,
write me a letter,
kiss me on the lips
or push me on the bed,
tell me i'm the one you're after
have your nails bite my neck,
as you make my eyes water.

the next day, you called me, i've never felt so happy
my heart loosened as i heard you saying
you'd illustrate my fears and draw them funny faces,
and that no amount of crazy thinking could ever make you leave
a boy like this,
a boy this weak,
a boy like me.

but it was all in my head.
Written by
thejohnags  19/M/Manila
       Xaela San, Lily, White Widow and Keith Wilson
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