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Aug 2018
Why you keep doin me *****?
Told you so many times that my tongue turned to sand
And you fell asleep laying in bed while I was talking to you bout that thing that you did
Yeah, that hurt me like ****

I got too much patience in love
You keep ******* me over, im tired of your fuss and your one shoulder hugs
Never enough
I want so much more, diamond tier laden Tiffany’s caking, piping that icing in my red ruby rhinestone
My heart’s in the right place but I’m not a martyr,
Sure I’ll cry when my bed’s cold, I’ll cry once it’s over

I’m an old soul
Can’t pull a fast one on me
Been round the block enough times to know your spit game is weak
I know all your tricks and I’ve seen other versions
****** with you in a past life before I wasn’t a ******
You’re so flirtatious,

I need that good **** , that lovey dovey coo ****, because I am the softest bad *****
won’t lie I be into you heartless that vibe is a must have I’m coppin just gimme somethin to go off of

Why you still look at me sideways?
Make your ****** mind up
I’m so hurt when you touch me babe the way you touch her
****, you were selfish cause i peeped she was fine Nd if you just approached me but instead you keep lyin
Written by
slay  21
     Fawn and Santita
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