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Aug 2018
Yesterday I took a taxi,
The driver hated me because we
Aren’t the same race,
It was really funny because ,
The irony is that the world sees him
The way he saw me, I smiled got out
And paid him and tipped him.
Apparently my Tom Ford fragrance,
Does little to cover my African scent.

My poor guy I write this to you,
Because you enlightened me.
Your blatant racism didn’t bother me,
I am not an advocate of racial equality,
Because in my world that doesn’t exist,
You are judged on your actions and
How you are as a human being ,
Not where you come from.

There is a lot of injustice in the world,
A lot of people not getting along,
I’m sorry that you did not have the
Privilege of growing up how I grow up,
Of having to believe that you are better,
Than other people because of a paler skin tone, I really am sorry that you were
Raised not to accommodate other people,

I wish you had my upbringing, that
You weren’t already predisposed to hating
Me without knowing me, I am sorry
That your view of the world is so
Narrow minded.

I am not hurt by your actions or words,
Not because I know they weren’t true,
But simply because I know it is not
Really your fault, what I am saying
My friend is that I regret that you have
Lived your life half blind and I sadly
Can not do anything to change you.
I really am sorry that your life is centered
On hatred. For that I truly am sorry.

Written by
sabelo  M/Zimbabwe, China
(M/Zimbabwe, China)   
     Jermon and Just Maria
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