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Aug 2018
you, the one that settled my eyes
the one with the hazy eyes and calm hair
the one with the voice of crashing waves and serenity of night sky

you, the one who has a childlike questions and amiable curiosity
the one who wanders through things
the one who wants for greater pain in knowing

you, the one who makes someone feel the spring
the one who becomes the color to every monotone
the one who becomes the answer in every 'why'

you, the one who makes that someone explore the universe
while looking upon your eyes
twinkling like the stars of someone's night
the one who become the sliver of happiness inside

and to every you in that someone
let it open up for who is that someone
that someone may seem estrange
but its me, that someone.

i felt the warmth of your eyes
with every intensity that seems so radiating
that joins up with your crackling smile
a rare and wonderful sight to my eyes

i want to know things
for they are amazing in me
and i want to know more
because of your infinite questions

i felt the happiness in my saddest days
and your warmth fills up someone like me
who doesn't deserve any of it
and someone who must deserve to die in coldness

and, i want to live again
as i see things more clearly
and i become that happy child again
you become the reason why.
for you and only you, alone.
Written by
     Fawn, tyja the cat and ---
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