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Jul 2018
There is a line                           
                                             That none dare to cross
On one side is riches                                       
                                      On the other is loss

The thing that stops them
Strikes fear like a wraith
It's the "truth" of deception
In those who have faith

One side is worse                                   
But ignorance is bliss                                          
                          ­              You cannot cross over
                                                            ­Or in your next life you'll regress

In                there          no        
       reality                is          line

The            line     ­  within
only           is    

The line has been caste
DISCLAIMER: I do not mean to offend anyone by this poem or the meaning behind it. Poetry is raw, which means it can be harsh too. The way I speak of Hinduism in this poem could be considered harsh, and I apologize if it does.
EXPLANATION: Okay, so this poem is inspired by the caste system of India which is heavily based on Hinduism. The caste system basically places a person in a caste (or social grouping) based on the family they are born into. The system says that you cannot change your caste (i.e. if your father was a soldier, you have to be a soldier). If you do try to change your caste, it is considered bad karma; you may become a lower being or lower caste in your next reincarnation. The caste system used to be enforced by law, but was legally abolished in 1949. However, due to it being a religious practice as well, it is still upheld by many people in India (specifically the more rural areas). With this poem my goal was to sum up the state of some of the Hindi people of India in relation to the caste system.

P.S. Sorry for the essay! :)
Written by
Monet Echo
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