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Jul 2018
One night I found my baby, I told her I would sell my life
We met at a lively bar downtown, were the angles ride
She told me she would always be my’n, and we promised to never cry
We swung from the rooftops sky high, and there was so much light
And there she held my hand, we said it would last forever
In our little small town house, filled to the brim with love letters
Oh my, how did we get so high?

One night I came home weary, filled with love in my eye
There she was waiting for me, you never should say goodbye
Oh how I wish I could turn back time, before she wore a necklace of leather
And how I wish I could see my wife, see our love live forever
Oh my, how I thought we were still so high

Yeah while she left us behind
Our little girl is sleeping restless
I just need to unwind
I guess nothing lasts forever, no

Yeah, now nothing ain't changing, and I am never coming down
I found a note from my six year old daughter, tellin me she wants to see her mom
Hand in hand waiting for a tranzit bus, then she just slipped right under
Oh and when she kissed that bus, I thought I could scream forever
Oh, i'm going to get so ******* high

Oh how we got so ******* high
Oh how I get so ******* high
But this is the last time
Cause i'm gonna see my family tonight
Constructive critism is welcomed
Written by
Cyrus  15/M/Maryland
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