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Jul 2018
My fire cracks and sizzles,
The wind growls and hisses,
Sounds of her naive frenzied movements coat my sticks in liquid.

I crackle warning signs,
The spitting of banishment,
One day like a switch i will flick
leaving only black and blue behind.

Fire burns only for so long,
You dread and prolong my end,
But I invision peace in the hearts ice age of surrendering to the breeze.

Be gone mother,
This is my war and I choose to fight or retreat so please...move
Let the wind take me.

Mum please go back inside with the rest,
Don't let them find you among my ashes,
Don’t stay around to choke on my smoke and please don’t make this your bed.

Listen to their words,
Dont double the price of one life,
You need to say your goodbyes.
Written by
Blake  19/F
     e, CnΓ©, Lori Jones McCaffery and ---
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