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Nov 2012
Where were you when my thriving dreams crashed with no savior?
Where were you when signs of solace reflected my behavior?
Where were you when my solitude became boring?
Where were you during my tough night, and my unwanted morning?
Where were you when even the human angels engaged with lies?
Where were you when my life turned vacant, a living hell?
Where were you when my happiness had no door and no bell?
Where were you? Did you think it was all well?
Where were you when every breath I take becomes a reminder of my torturous cell?
Where were you? And now, could you tell?
Could you tell that the torturous cell is my life and I'm held captive?
Where were you, when I wished my heart wasn't active?
Where were you when your face kept flashing in my eyes, and flickering in my mind?
Where were you when you’re the only reason to live, I could find?
Where were you when the lies between our laughs turned into a regretful catastrophe?
Where were you, when my life became a debt and my soul becomes a fee?
Where were you in all of this? I need an answer to cure my aching heart
Where were you when my agony, pain and melancholy decided to start?
My being is threatened by my foolish existence, and none of you care to listen
Where are you now? Do you even look up when your name I mention?
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
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