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Jul 2018
Run to Jesus Christ of Nazareth
For He loves you

It’s not too late
For you Christians
Who live in sin
And are unrepentant

For the Christian
Who is  lukewarm
These are the end of days

Massive earthquakes
Are coming

To the east coast
And the west coast
Massive tsunamis
As well

Repent repent
Turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth
You do not want to end up in ****

Large judgements are coming
To the ***** of Babylon
The sins of this nation
Have reached the Holy One of Israel
Jesus Christ of Nazareth

I pray that those lukewarm Christians
Will repent and seek the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
When they see the judgements
Of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth

The ***** of Babylon America
Will eventually be destroyed in one hour

Obama will be back as leader
Of the global government
As the antichrist
Do not take the mark of the beast
Or bow down to the image of the beast

Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Is Lord of Lords and King of Kings
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