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Jul 2018
Life could be easy - Oh, no please me
I got it good
We **** around - I **** her down
She takes my wood like she should

Wild, yeah - Styled, yeah
Loud while she wears my crown and
I ain't coming down again
Till the ******* *** blends

Make her bend - I know no end
Notice noted we ascend
I know she know we more than friends
I ride her like a ******* benz

******* find it all the while
I ain't stopping till the bed breaks
I smash the whole cake
Legs shake on my dinner plate


We hit it so hard - never going to stop
All in the cards - never going to drop it
She's in the cockpit - locked it, popped it
Launched my rocket - oh my goddess

I'll be back in couple of days
Riding that wave - we give and we take it
All of this time she's slaying my ****
Hard as brick - I'm all the way the way in it

Living in sin one hand on her neck
We ******* she bucking I'm ******* her next
She want it so bad she tear up my back
I handle that *** I'm on the attack

Bust in a magnum busting my cap
Busting from ******* call it a wrap
I'm up in lab we doing the bad
Yeah, I'm finishing last
listen here:
Written by
TussyLambz  27/M/Kalamazoo, MI
(27/M/Kalamazoo, MI)   
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