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Jul 2018
O sweet memory,
I admire you
Whilst you allow,
Travels I cherish.
I would wish you had let this one burn down
20 years now, you take me back
15 or so,
To a small boy watching cartoons,
There visited the neighbors daughter
The same age as I am today,
perhaps older.
Clutching in her hand, those colors
Stickers, those red and blues
The kind you'd find from 2 cent gums.
He asked if she'd lend him a few,
Reasonable for a child of his age.
So she demanded a trade,
a bad deal, indeed, the boy was played
But it seemed innocent enough.
It was just a kiss,
A joining of two set of lips,
For a second or 5 more.
And he did, naively so, kiss her.
For what did he know.
And it meant nothing to him,
He felt nothing.
But now that he recalls,
This incident, as he puts it.
It's different, he knows better now.
He knows what it was,
He knows what it could have been.
There's shame, there's embarrassment.
The feeling of guilt, a secret for the grave.
He knows the mockery.
And at every thought of this small act.
This thing he would now consider so intimate.
He's taken back,
And he can do is watch.
It is what it is, would have it any other way.
   Angie Marcano
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