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Nov 2012
Alone with you in a small dark space
I don't know who you were,
I only knew you were shaking with fear,
hiding from everyone
because you thought you were a monster

I wrapped my arms around your torso
I wrapped my arms around a  stranger
Feeling your rapid heart beat against my chest
Sending the rhythm throughout my body
We stood there, unmoving
Just holding each other, so close.
It was beautiful.

Your rhythm began to calm
as my hands gently stroked your back
as my voice whispered a hush
and I sang to you ever so softly
with a voice only angels have
I tamed your heart.

I only wish to feel that again
with my head against your chest
I never saw you before in my life
You only exist in that dream
and you were beautiful.

Who were you,
Why did I see you,
I don't even know your name
and the memory of your face is fading
Your heart felt so real
Do you exist in my world?
Or will I onlyremember
those moments together,
I was alone with you
in a cold dark space.
And it was beautiful.
A dream I had last night. I often have dreams like this, meeting a beautiful stranger, a face I have no recall seeing in the real world. I wonder what it means, or if it means anything at all! It is a bitter-sweet feeling in the morning.
For the Sparrows
Written by
For the Sparrows  Earth.
   Taru M, Anon C, DK, Nick Durbin and Timothy
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